Municipal Citation Solutions can help your organization reach its sustainability goals through the VATS System technologies.

Reduce Paper Use – Our real-time ticketing technologies eliminate the need for two-part paper parking citations. In addition, all of the VATS System reports are available electronically eliminating the need to print reports.

Reduce Vehicle Trips – Our easy to use online payment and appeals website will reduce vehicle miles driven for customers driving to the office to pay or appeal a parking citation.

Vehicle Cruising – Our Pay-By-Phone technologies will limit vehicle cruising at your operation. The ability to pay and add time to your parking meter from your phone will decrease needless vehicle cruising.

License Plate Recognition – Our License Plate Recognition (LPR) system will allow your organization to enforce greater areas with minimal resources. In addition, many of our clients have mounted our LPR cameras on fully electric or alternative-fuel vehicles reducing vehicle emissions.

Recycled Paper – We can order your customized notices, forms, and parking tickets on FSC-certified paper.

Volunteer Involvement – Key personnel of MCS serves on the International Parking Institutes’ Parking Sustainability Committee and on the Green Parking Council’s Certification Committee devoting their time and energy to sustainability.