Proper parking enforcement will ensure quicker space turnover and efficient revenue collection. However, this process can be quite complicated as technology, data, enforcement officers, and customers must all move together in order to accurately and effectively enforce parking regulations.

Fortunately, the VATS System has made this process much easier for everyone. The VATS System puts advanced technology and real-time data sharing at the fingertips of enforcement officers, providing them with all they need to simplify a complex process. Customers have easy access to online payments and appeals, and can even purchase parking spaces and permits online.

The VATS System comes standard with many different features that are designed to make gathering information quick, easy and accurate. These features include:

 Electronic Chalking 

 Lot Check Functions 

 Scofflaw Identification 

 Photo Capture

 Ticket Density Heatmap


 Real-Time Data Sharing 

 Compatible With Any Windows Phone 

 Link with DMV And Out of State RO's Data Collection 

 Integrate with Existing Parking Technologies

 Officer GPS Tracking

The VATS System then makes sure all this gathered information is available in one location. A user-friendly interface ensures all reports are customizable and easy to read..

All of this is included under one system, ensuring you will never have to spend money on outdated technology or frequent upgrades.